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Free gaming? [Apr. 10th, 2009|12:07 pm]
I was reading slashdot.org the other day and read an article there about free games made by independant groups of people. It was an interesting read and I decided to try my own luck in searching out some free games. I stumbled across several games that are pretty decent, but one has been sucking up my time lately.

Combat Arms is a pretty decent game. It is a First Person Shooter game that is very similar to CounterStrike in that you have to purchase the weapons and equipment you use and also in that its very fast paced (as opposed to not being a fast paced FPS? Really, its that the maps are not vastly huge maps but that they are pretty simple and straightforward.). Instead of money though, you can trade in XP to get your weapons/gear. The more XP you have, the better the weapon/gear you can get, and the longer the weapon lasts for until it expires. Of course there is a way to actually pay real money to outfit your nub with lots of gear that expires 1349760197560124957246579 years from now, but XP is easy enough to get. The game has all the features of a good FPS and looks pretty good to boot. There is also a ranking system in place so that if you are a total nub who is constantly shooting at allies, you can play on a server that does not have people who have been playing for years (unless they are really that bad that they don't actually kill or win).

The server system, I think is the truly ingenious part of the system. Basically, you have these servers that have limit caps to them that prohibit anyone above a certain rank from joining them. Then there are some public servers as well that allow mixed ranks in them as well. Once you get into the server, then you get the room list where you chose the map and game type and whatnot. There is no "Accidently joining an uber-leet-mega-awsome-cool-player room where people have been playing non-stop since the game was in beta and know all the haxxes or anything like that which you can get caught in with other FPS games.

Overall, I am impressed by this showing by an actual game studio and am especially impressed that they can put out a quality game and not charge a cent and still provide a decent gaming experience.