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further ramblings about university woes [Jul. 8th, 2006|01:21 am]
[mood |hornyhorny]

so in scrolling through my previous entries, I noticed that I was planning on mentioning the problem with my university and my birthday... so here it goes!

When I started at FIU, the university used a different personelle system than they use today. The system back then was based on Legacy and in 2004 they converted to a peoplesoft based system. During the summer of 2004, students could register on either the old system or the new one. I tried to log into the new one, but could not get in, so instead I registered using the old Legacy based system.

During the Fall semester of that year, everyone had to register using the peoplesoft based system. Two weeks prior to the end of registration, I tried to log in and was greeted with an error. I discovered that the password was supposed to be your birthday (mine being 12051979... the password has been changed though so yeah...)and I could not log in. I tried every form of my birthday for 3 days straight (I had to use 3 different days because if you tried more than 5 times you were locked out for 24 hours). Finally I called up the "Panthersoft" office where they transfered me to UTS (University Technological Services).

I informed the UTS person about my problem and he asked my social security so they he could varify. He then asked me to try it using my birthday. I tried it and it did not work. He then asked me my birthday to verify. I answered him with "December 05,1979" and he says immediately "You mean February 5, 1979". Now I know my own birthday so I tell him "No, my birthday is December" and he tells me that it is entered as February. When I attempt to log in with the February date, it works. I then ask who I need to talk to in order to get the problem resolved, and he directs me to the registrars office.

The next day I go to the registrars office and tell them the situation. They check their records and inform me that my birthday IS listed as December 5th. They then direct me to the UTS office in order to correct the problem.

I journey over to the UTS office and inform them what has happened and then I am assured that I am wrong and that my birthday is Feberuary 5th! Now I don't really remember the details on the day of my birth, but my drivers license and birth certificate all say December 5th... I have seen them with my own eyes! In hearing that response from UTS, I pull out my drivers license and show them the Date of Birth as December. The person behind the desk then informed me that it is illegal to lie on a government ID card such as a drivers license. I then produce my social security card, listing my birthdate as December. The clerk refused to make any changes in the system and insisted that the problem lie with the registrars office.

I walk back to the registrars office because I knew I would get no further with UTS. I then tell the person behind the desk about the ordeal which has now entered its 4th hour. Finally, they get someone to walk with me to UTS and force the change.

Long story short, I know my birthday and the sheer audacity of a person who has never met me before saying they are right and I am wrong about something like that is rediculous.

As for the mood, I really don't know why, thats just how it works today.